An artificial sun in an ultra thin panel

by Geert Lebens, 22 February 2015

Daylight is a very basic need for human well being, the psychological influence on us is huge. Our bodies need a day-night schedule in order to (re)gain the energie we need to live our lives. It can make us live more efficient or break us down. In modern society we see ourselves managing our surroundings more and more, it makes us even less dependent on the demands of our native nature. One of the biggest exceptions though is the distinction of day and night.

The research of Italian lighting company CoeLux is going to change this. Scientists managed to create a light panel that seems to be a window that enables daylight to enter the room. The light panel works with LED lights that have the same color temperature as daylight, it even makes the light feel the same as well. People and even digital camera’s were tricked by the astonishing effect of this artificial light source.

But how is it possible to create such a realistic light effect? The scientists did not only design the light source, but also the atmosphere. And what model can be a better source of inspiration than our own Earth’s atmosphere, where an effect occurs that’s called ‘Rayleigh scattering’. The scientists figured out how to use a thin coating of nanoparticles to accurately simulate how sunlight scatters through Earth’s atmosphere. They basically made an artificial atmosphere compressed in a just a few millimeter thick surface. The possibilities for application of this new light seem infinite; for instance in metro stations, health care facilities, offices, airports, museums, wellness, shops, shopping malls etc.

Future designs will be able to vary in color temperature and to change the “sun’s” position in the frame.

Video: Lux Magazine

Via: PetaPixel

Picture by CoeLux