Craft Thinking Design Making

by Geert Lebens, 1 July 2015

ArtEZ Product Design Finals 2015

On the 1st of July 2015 the ArtEZ Finals of Art and Design Arnhem were launched, including several exhibitions of first, second and thirth year students.

The work of the Product Design department was collected in this pocket sized catalogue that contains a series of introductions with the graduates and the head of department, based on interviews. Geert Lebens was invited by the department to provide texts for the catalogue that represent the different personalities of the designers and how that affects their graduation projects. The project resulted in a series of personal stories specified with quotes in order to color the content to intrinsic portraits.

The design was made by Anne-Marie Geurink and Annelou van Griensven.

The catalogues were for sale for €5 at the exhibition’s main location at Gele Rijdersplein 15, Arnhem.

Exhibitions took place between 1st and 5th of Juli at several locations in downtown Arnhem (NL).