RE.TALE Concept Warehouse opened this week!

by Geert Lebens, 22 March 2015

This week we opened RE.TALE Concept Warehouse in Arnhem, the Netherlands. RE.TALE is a warehouse where products and stories are equal, where we do not only want to sell products, but create an inspiring place to hang out. Buy a drink and talk with us about the designers and products or make contact with other visitors while embroidering at Floor Nijdeken’s embroider table. The concept warehouse is part of Ruimtekoers Festival, which takes place in downtown Arnhem in order to promote the potentials of vacant spaces. Together with the local community, city government and brokerages firms we were able to organise al kinds of initiatives on the nicest locations across the city.

The Festival takes place from March 14 till April 11, 2015. It varies in events, each organized in participation with local organizations to combine networks and expertises to create a program stretching from commercial driven events to experiences. All events intent to show us new potentials and insight of communal space, city infrastructure and social structures. In order to focus on the different aspects that define the cities dynamics the events are listed under three categories; context, playground and innovate. Ruimtekoers Festival is an experiment with and involving the whole city of Arnhem.

RE.TALE features work of designers such as Floor Nijdeken, Plott, Dieter Volkers, Hanneke van der Poll, Kirstie van Noort, Joris de Groot, Moyca Gort, Pim de Graaff and Extrapool.

The store’s interior is supplemented with furniture from the local 2nd hand shop 2Switch.

Other events at RE.TALE are:

  • March 19 – Opening and VPRO Tegenlicht Meet-up, Macht aan de Stad (Power to the City)
  • March 27 – Makers Meeting, together with Kunstlab and Stefanie Janssen
  • April 2 – VPRO Tegenlicht Meet-up, De Nieuwe Makers (The New Creators)
  • April 10 – Closing RE.TALE, with Remco Jacobs

For the entire program of Ruimtekoers Festival, visit the website (only in dutch).






The RE.TALE team welcomes you;

  • Olga Lozeman, head of organization/curator
  • Moyca Gort, curator
  • Geert Lebens, location manager
  • Tess Wiggers, producer
  • Nikita Oldert, producer
  • Marjanne Kuipers, Interior design/graphic design
  • Kim Waterlander, Interior design/graphic design